After ten years working as an assistant manager and freelancing in television and film production, Benjamin Padua saw the need for a management company that understood not only how to cultivate talent and give its actors more individual attention, but also to prepare talent for how hectic casting
offices and life on set can be. So Avenue B Talent was founded in 2014 with a focus in new and up and coming talent.

Now with offices in New York and Los Angeles, Avenue B actors are turning up on film and television everywhere. With a production background and with a close family of production companies, we don’t just line up auditions for our clients, we also help them to cultivate their own projects and network of artists they’ll be working with throughout their careers.

As a management company rather than an agency, we have a small roster and consider our clients family. We know our clients well, so when we submit them, we know exactly what they’re bringing to a project.