Jonathan Rentler on Gotham
February 6, 2018
Having trouble keeping up with all the bookings Jonathan is getting and very much looking forward to him bringing his sinister brand of crazy to Gotham.
CJ Gelfand in Broad City
December 23, 2017
If you missed the delightfully funny CJ Gelfand’s episode of Broad City, you can see it here.
Colin Chapin on Gotham
October 27, 2017
Make sure you look out for the cartoonishly creepy and deviously funny Colin Chapin as a card-carrying Gotham City baddie in Gotham on FOX.
Teresa Hui Delivers a Powerhouse Performance in Whoreticulture
October 25, 2017
Teresa brings tons of talent and a lot of bad ass to Emma Goldman-Sherman’s Whoreticulture.
Jonathan Rentler Acting Strange on High Maintenance
October 25, 2017
Jonathan Rentler is bringing his strange & vast talents to another NYC show. Look for him on High Maintenance.
One of our Favorite Makeup Artists Steps in Front of the Screen
October 25, 2017
Jas Doyle brings her talents in front of the screen for Philips Beauty.
Check out her work here

Hedley Harlan to Appear in Shorecliff
October 23, 2017
Our own Hedley Harlan has been cast in modern suspense/noir thriller “Shorecliff” with director Fred Olen Ray.
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