Teresa Hui Film at Cannes
June 2, 2017
Can Hitler Happen Here, featuring Teresa Hui is premiering at the Cannes 2017 Film Festival. See a trailer here.
Teresa Hui to Appear on Seven Seconds
March 20, 2017
Teresa Hui, flexing her broadcast and acting skills all in one will appear in Seven Seconds. That’s two bookings on two major shows in one week. We’ll post air dates soon.
Hedley Harlan Blacklist Redemption
March 20, 2017
Hedley Harlan killed it (literally) as a venomous Russian spy on Blacklist Redemption. The episode was Independence, U.S.A. Check out the show if you haven’t already. Click Here
Daniel Danielson as Satchel Paige
March 20, 2017
The ever talented Daniel Danielson will be playing legendary pitcher Satchel Paige in the show, Josh: The Black Babe Ruth at the Harlem Arts Center. Satchel Paige was the first pitcher from the Negro leagues to pitch in the World Series in 1948.
Teresa Hui in Difficult People
March 20, 2017
Teresa Hui just booked a very cool role in the Billy Eichner & Julie Klausner’s incredibly funny Hulu comedy, Difficult People. Details soon. . .
C.J. Gelfand Books Broad City
February 21, 2017
The ever-hilarious C.J. Gelfand just booked Broad City! Look out for the air date.
Hedley Harlan on Blacklist Redemption
January 31, 2017
Be sure to catch Hedley Harlan serving a fabulous helping of pain and sorrow on Blacklist Redemption, airing March 2nd at 10PM on NBC. More information here.
Richard Mark Jordan Cast In Pilot
January 31, 2017
Keep your eyes open for Richard Mark Jordan in Comedy Central’s Drunk Girl/High Guy, the new pilot produced by and starring Jordan Rock!
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