Daniel George Daniel brings baseball history to life in Josh The Black Babe Ruth

Daniel will play Satchel Paige, the first player who had played in the Negro leagues to pitch in the World Series. The show is written by Mike A. Jones and opens at Theater for the New City.

Richard Mark Jordan brings Christmas debauchery in Drunk Girl/High Guy

Richard stumbles into our TVs as drunken Santa Clause in the Comedy Central pilot Drunk Girl/High Guy.

Hedley Harlan cleans up a murder in Late Lunch

Hedley plays a maid who knows what she wants opposite the rubber-faced Charlie Sloin in Late Lunch.

Check out the entire film here

Daniel George Danielson is the long arm of the law in Mr. Robot

Daniel puts Remi Malek in an uncomfortable position in Mr. Robot, directed by Sam Esmail.

Read up on Mr. Robot

Hedley Harlan rises from the dead in The New Tarot music video, Stella

Hedley welds surgical saws and salsa dances with a host of masked ghost, cancan cats and petrified beavers in the latest music video from The New Tarot, Stella, directed by Ronni Thomas.

See Stella here

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