Daniel George Danielson snags a role in The Plot Against America

HBO is turning the Philip Roth’s alternate history WWII novel in a series. Daniel will turn up in Episode 2.

Kim Rios Lin takes part in a the miracle of life in Almost Family

Kim lends her maternal demeanor as an OBGYN in Fox’s Almost Family.

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Manny Galan keeps the streets safe in Blacklist

Check out Manny, securing the area, in a cool scene with Diego Klattenhoff in NBC’s Blacklist.

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Teresa Hui reunites with the favorite hands-on members of the acting community in Callie & Izzy

Teresa will, once again, share the spotlight with a foul-mouthed puppet (she was Christmas Eve in Avenue Q). Callie & Izzy is a TV show about a puppet that is problematically growing out of a girl’s hand.

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Roosevelt Davis graces Amazon’s Hunters in fluent Creole

Roosevelt shows off his bilingual skills and gives the world’s most important health tip: Corn Syrup equals Nazis in Hunters, directed by Michael Uppendahl.

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Manny Galan Runs the Block in Amazon’s Hunters

Manny leads the Hell’s Devils and is the keeper of the neighborhood’s darkest information in the 1970’s, Nazi-hunting extravaganza, Hunters.

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Teresa Hui goes bilingual in CBS’s Tommy

Teresa will appear on Tommy, starring Edie Falco, as a Cantonese interpreter. More to come. . .

Daniel George Danielson reunites with Blacklist cast member, Ryan Eggold, in NBC’s New Amsterdam

Daniel does the ER grind in NBC’s hospital show, New Amsterdam. Season 2, Episode 13.

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Nick Denning to Frighten Children as Pennywise in S#IT

When twisted minds meet, Nick ends up donning clown makeup and fangs in the Unauthorized Musical Parody of Steven King’s It.

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Daniel George Danielson and Josephine Webb fight crime on and off screen in Mr. and Mrs. Jackson

Real life husband and wife, Daniel and Josephine, star as a high fashion, low-life fighting duo. They are married in real life and take no prisoners on screen.

Here’s an article about Mr. & Mrs. Jackson

Manny Galan respects the OG in Alternatino

Manny shows his comedy skills in Aturo Castro’s sketch comedy show, Alternatino, on Comedy Central.

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