Emilio Cuesta dashes through the Night Time

Emilio booked a role in the delightfully haunting, Night Time.
More to come...

Ryan M. Shaw shares his parenting skills on Blue Bloods

Ryan mishandles his child in CBS’s Blue Bloods. Check out the episode, Strange Bedfellows, April 26th on CBS.

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Hedley Harlan joins the Evil Babe army

Hedley’s character, Beth from Deadly Shores, now has her own Wiki Evil Babes page. A sinisterly fun, alarmingly dangerous group of actresses to join.

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George Andreakos shoots Mob Town

George is slated to play a gangster in the film, Mob Town, directed by Danny A. Abeckaser, starring David Arquette and Jennifer Esposito.

Here’s a Varity article about Mob Town.

Lester Greene joins the cast of Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always

Lester heads to Pennsylvania to shoot Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always, written and directed by Eliza Hittman, starring Ryan Eggold.

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Manny Galan turns up the heat in SVU

See Manny charming his way through the SVU precinct on NBC, February 7, at 10. The episode is called Part 33 and is directed by Alex Chapple.

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Eileen Weisinger drives a pack of wild women through the NYC streets in High Maintenance

Eileen drives a pleasure van with Margaret Cho and several other ladies out for a night of debauchery through downtown New York in Katja Blichfeld, and Ben Sinclair’s High Maintenance. The episode airs February 7th on HBO.

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Hedley Harlan re-teams with photographer Mick Canterella

Hedley re-teams with Mick Canterella to try and figure out what Hedley’s conscience looks like.

Manny Galan and Sonia Mena crack up in Alternatino

Manny and Sonia will appear in the new Comedy Central series, Alternatino, created by and starring Broad City’s Aturo Castro.

Ral Martin joins the fine, upstanding career of piracy in Dark Waters

Ral heads to Miami to shoot Dark Waters, directed by Colin Sonner. More to come. . .

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