Daniel George Danielson keeps watch in God Friended Me

Look out for Daniel Danielson tonight at 8 on CBS in an episode titled The King’s Gambit, directed by Tricia Brock.

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Hedley Harlan and Ryan M. Shaw in an eternal duel to the death

Photographer, Thomas Anomalous, shoots Ryan and Hedley looking like Bonnie and Clyde from the Mad Max Era.

Sonia Mena, reporting live from Search Party

Sonia reports from the scenes of the TBS comedy, Search Party

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Eileen Weisinger goes to court in Law and Order: SVU

Eileen defends a guy on the long list of criminals that have grazed the SVU courts. See her argue her client out of trouble on November 8th on NBC.

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Ryan M. Shaw with a face that can tell 1,000 stories

Ryan does a haunting shoot with photographer, Thomas Anomalous, on a Washington Heights Rooftop.

Four actors in a Murderous Music Video

Hedley Harlan, Ryan M. Shaw, Colin Chapin and Roosevelt Davis all trek down a dark tree-lined path in The Kitty Fishinger music video, Shankill Butchers, directed by Christopher Alfonco Bradley. Spoiler: When acting, Kitty Fishinger goes by the name, Hedley Harlan.

Take a look at the Shankill Butcher’s music video here

Jonathan Rentler makes the Vulture

Jonathan is featured in a very cool Vulture article written by Brian Tallerico about the duel characters popping up in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Maniac.

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C.J. Gelfand rides the train with Bryan Cranston and the Wu Tang Clan on Jimmy Kimmel

C.J. commutes with Bryan Cranston, Amy Sedaris, Billy Crudup and the Wu Tang Clan on Jimmy Kimmel, very NY subway sketch. Also keep your eyes peeled for our sister company’s favorite vulture, Hedley.

See the sketch here

Jonathan Rentler reveals his talents in The Deuce

John Rentler sails through The Deuce like a porno party-boy from heaven. Check him out on September 23rd at 9 on HBO.

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Jonathan Renter makes a double appearance in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Maniac

Jonathan joins the cast of Maniac, the mind-bending, psychological dark comedy premiering on Netflix September 21. The show stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

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