Mincemeat Manor comes to Life

Watch Avenue B’s Dan Todd, Hedley Harlan, Ryan M. Shaw, Charlie Sloin, Timur Kocak, Roosevelt Davis, Colin Chapin and Richard Mark Jordan in the long-awaited trailer for the multi-award winning Victorian horror romp, Mincemeat Manor, written by Hedley Harlan, produced by Ben Padua and Dan Todd and directed by the two most demented lovebirds we know, Hedley Harlan & Ryan M. Shaw.

Alfred Kemp Books Law & Oder: Organized Crime

Alfred joins a legendary group of New York actors who have donned a badge for the NYPD of NBC.

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Kim Berrios Lin is on Manifest

Kim strikes again on NBC’s show about a the missing plane that suddenly reappeared.

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Delmiko Blair joins the cast of Rustin

Delmiko will begin shooting Rustin, the highly anticipated biopic on civil right and gay rights activist Bayard Rustin, directed by George C. Wolfe and produced by Barak Obama.

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Crime is Up for Hedley Harlan and Ryan M. Shaw

Hedley and Ryan reunite with the crew of Crime is up for Swimming, by Will Benson. A Las Vegas pit boss tries to pull off a casino robbery with a mysterious high roller in this hard boiled, noir tale. If you haven’t checked out the moody and dangerous Crime is Up podcast, listen in wherever you get your podcasts.

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Jonathan Peacy goes National

Joanthan Peacy booked an international commercial. . . Which is all we’re allowed to say right now. In the meantime, check out some clips of this rad BMXer with a 20 year international career.

Jonathan BMX

Roosevelt Davis joins the Organized Crime Taskforce

Lifelong New Yorker, Roosevelt Davis, celebrates the right of passage of many New York actors. . . A spot on Law and Order.

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Hedley Harlan, Dasha Leidy and Jonathan Peacy go into the ring in Knucks

Three raw, crazy, powerful actors go into the colorful psychofest that is Knucks, directed by Gage Maynard, now available online.

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Caroline Willman goes to The City on a Hill

Caroline comes into the park running with a guest star on Showtime’s FBI drama, City on a Hill, starring Kevin Bacon.

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Kim Berrios Lin is a Pretty Little Liar

Kim has booked a fabulous reoccurring role on Pretty Little Liars. See what the treacherous mean girls minus their queen bee are up to in the follow up to the Freeform hit.

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And Just Like That, Abey Xashi comes to HBO

Abey Xashi is our first actor to play on the streets of New York with the ladies of Sex and the City. Check out the continuation of a series that became a fashion name all of its own on HBO Max.

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Timur Kocak is Tongue Tied on Law & Order: Organized Crime

Timur loses something very valuable on NBC’s new series that brings back Chris Meloni’s beloved character, Stabler.

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Ego Matikas Spies on Legends of Tomorrow

As ex-Russian Special Forces, Ego was a no-brainer to guest star as a Russian spy on Legends of Tomorrow.

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Teresa Hui helps out on Helpsters

Teresa uses her puppet skills and generally bubbly disposition to join the cast of Helpters, a group of monsters who teach children how to solve problems.

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Hedley Harlan Wins The Big Apple

The laurels keep coming for Hedley Harlan and Mincemeat Manor! The feature script for the zany, gory, and amazing horror comedy is an official award winner at the Big Apple Film Festival.

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Timur Kocak is elegant and evil on The Blacklist

Timur plays a Serbian bad man in NBC’s hit series with James Spader.

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Ego Matikas is Blacklisted

Ego slithers onto Blacklist as a Serbian hitman.

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Arya Kashyap joins Dead Ringers

Arya joins the cast of Dead Ringers a new Amazon show starring Rachel Weitz about twin OBGYNs who change the way babies are birthed in Manhattan.

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Daniel George Danielson gets called for jury duty on Bull

Daniel joins the New Yorkers who have served on the carefully select juries that grace the scenes of CBS’s Bull in a fun episode directed by Geary McLeod.

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Ryan M. Shaw’s Jabberwanky goes to the Film Festival International

Jabberwanky, the Route 66 road comedy starring Ryan and a band of hooligans will have it’s world premier at the Film Festival International in London.

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Roosevelt Davis Drives onto A Thousand and One

Roosevelt gets his temporary taxi medallion in the Lena Waithe-produced crime feature "A Thousand And One,” directed by A.V. Rockwell.

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Valerie V. Johnson Sees Too Much on White House Plumbers

Valerie joins the cast of the highly anticipated show that follows the seven weeks leading up to Watergate, starring Woody Harrelson & Justin Theroux.

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Jana Allen on Creepshow

If you're any kind of a horror fan, check out CREEPSHOW on Shudder! Based on one of the most fun horror anthology features, the lovely Jana Allen stars with Kevin Dillon in S2 Ep1 "Model Kid.”

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Teresa Hui pouts for It Cosmetics

Teresa Hui landed a fabulous campaign for It Cosmetics.

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Richard Mark Jordan is Crowned Royal
Where Richard Mark Jordan goes, a good time usually follows, and it seems he’s gone to Baltimore to shoot this fun spot for Crown Royal. 
Alfred Kemp in Complexions

Alfred C. Kemp booked his very first audition with Avenue B. Stay tuned for the miniseries Complexions from writer/director Qwalee Summers.

I Love Us with George Andreakos is available on Amazon

George reunites with director Danny Abeckaser for the third time in I Love Us, a film about the consequences of living dangerously and falling in love.

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Anthony Squeezes Really Hard

Anthony Misiano has a one-man-show. I Squeezed Really Hard is a series of painfully funny stories about his turbulent childhood. It’s going to be a wild ride at The Wild Project.

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