Kim Berrios Lin and family come back for Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Kim, her wife (Malia Pyles ) and her daughter Mouse (Lea Salonga ) will return for a second season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Watch the nail biting first season on HBO Max.

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Hedley Harlan braves a Dead City

Hedley will get violent in AMC’s next Walking Dead installment, Dead City, starring Jeffery Dead Morgan and Lauren Cohen.

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Valerie V. Johnson catches the White House Plumbers

White House Plumbers, starring Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, Lena Headey and with the lovely Valerie V. Johnson will premier on HBO the March. This is the deliciously explosive scandal that is Watergate.

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Daniel George Danielson makes a Full Circle

Daniel Danielson guest stars on "Full Circle", Steven Soderbergh's next episodic adventure on HBO Max. The new limited series features a star-studded cast including Claire Danes, Dennis, Quaid, Timothy Olyphant, Jim Gaffigan, and Zazie Beetz.

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Duke Williams joins the Organized Crime taskforce

Look out for Duke Williams on NBC’s Organized Crime, starring Chris Meloni.

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Roosevelt Davis lands the Lady in the Lake

Roosevelt Davis joins the cast of Lady in the Lake, a series starring Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong’o, based on the very critically acclaimed novel by Laura Lippman. This is a show we’re going to be hearing a lot about.

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Daniel George Danielson goes into the Fallout

Attention gamers! Be sure to look out for Daniel Danielson in a recurring role in Amazon's upcoming series based on the popular video game Fallout coming next year.

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Anthony Misiano joins the Feud

The talented chameleon himself, Anthony Misiano, joins the cast of Feud, FX's Anthology Series Directed By Gus Van Sant, alongside Diane Lane, Calista Flockhart and Tom Hollander.

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Jonathan Peacy in Luc Besson’s June and John

The cat is out of the bag for June & John! This secret pandemic project from Luc Besson (Leon The Professional, The Fifth Element), with an incredible cast including the dynamic Jonathan Peacy, is heading to the market in Cannes.

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Kim Berrios Lin joins the FBI

Kim Berrios Lin, on a crime show spree, booked a fabulous spot on FBI.

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Roosevelt Davis keeps his Poker Face

If you weren’t already excited about Natasha Lyonne’s new show, Poker Face on Peacock, here is one very good reason…Roosevelt Davis Will be joining the cast.

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Kim Berrios Lin books SVU

Be on the lookout for the unstoppable force that is Kim Berrios Lin on NBC’s SVU.

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Lenore Marks works for Doctor Death

Look out for the captivating Lenore Marks on the upcoming second season of Dr. Death on Peacock.

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Valerie V. Johnson wanders the earth

Catch Valerie in the highly anticipated sequel to Wandering Earth. Wandering Earth is a breathtaking apocalyptic action film that came out of China and the sequel looks incredible.

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Jasmine Shanise joins the cast of Your Honor

The stunning and talented Jasmine Shanise will be appearing on the hit Showtime series, Your Honor, starring Bryan Cranston.

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First look at George Andreakos’ Gemini Lounge

George Andreakos taking a break from shooting with director, Danny Abeckaser, alongside actors Emile Hirsch, Lucy Hale, and Robert Davi in the upcoming crime thriller Gemini Lounge.

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Timur Kocak heads to the set of Steven Berstein’s GRQ

Timur Kocak will join the cast of GRQ, directed by Steven Bernstein, a film where the fate of the world may ride on a shaky investment.

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Nick Denning’s Lunamancer scores big in the festival circuit

Sci fi trip, Lunamancer, directed by Noah Mucci, with Nick Denning, has picked up best film at the Philip K. Dick Fest and the Midwest Weird Fest.

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Duke Williams leads a stellar cast in The Have Not

Keep your eyes open for Avenue B's Duke Williams in The Have Not, the latest feature film from director Alex Cherney, about to make its the rounds on the festival circuit.

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Teresa Hui Bewitches

It seems Teresa Hui’s magical charms have spread to the masses. This piece of fan art is by Jean-Michel DelaFuente. It is of Teresa as Agnes in the occultly charming If We Really Were Witches, directed by Kelly F. Burr.

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John Toon comes out with a thriller called Ganzfield

Powerhouse, John Toon stars in Ganzfield, a film that looks at the dark side of falling for your memories and is written and directed by Reece Daniels.

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Jack Mathis Brenner is very funny

If you’re in LA, check out the comedic madness that is Jack Brenner. He will be performing with some other very funny people at The Crow, Nov 30th. Doors open at 7:45 PM. The Crow is at 2525 Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica.

The Award goes to Paul Kevins

Paul Kevins is picking up awards for his performance in The Chambers, picking up Best Actor at the Florence Film Awards.

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Arya Kashyap & Abey Xashi join the Deje Dead

Arya Kashyap and Abey Xashi just wrapped on a strange, innovative and fabulous project with the band Deja Dead. While we wait with baited great to see the results, check this cool, fresh, eclectic band out. 

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Alfred Kemp has a Revelation

The soulfully talented Alfred Kemp will be starring in the short film Revelation, directed by Libe Barer, alongside a powerhouse cast including Michelle Mazza, Pete Gerety and Catherine Curtin.

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Paul Kevins contributes to The Food that Built America

Paul Kevins joins the cast of The Food That built America, where you learn the sorted histories of the foods and snacks that have become American staples. People like Ettore “Chef” Boiardi, Wally Amos and Debbi Fields have already been featured, and Paul is doing a very fun one.

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Ryan M Shaw sets forth Into the Wild Frontier

Ryan M. Shaw heads to Kentucky to shoot Into The Wild Frontier, a show that focuses on historical figures like Daniel Boone, Jim Bridger and John Colter. You can see it on Tubi.

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Arya Kashyap is FBI: Most Wanted

Arya joins the cast of FBI: Most Wanted, CBS’s hit crime drama. Tune in to CBS Tuesdays at 10 to watch.

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Yauhen Brasaus on the run from the FBI

Yauhen is playing a bad man again, this time striking the usually peaceful set of FBI on CBS. The episode is Double Bind. Check it out.

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Ryan M. Shaw gets interrogated on Law and Order

Ryan joins the cast of the Law and Order that started it all, on an episode ripped from the headline, Camouflage.

Watch Law and Order: Camouflage

Jasmine Shanise visits New Amsterdam

Jasmine in a heartfelt appearance on NBC’s New Amsterdam, starring Ryan Eggold. The episode is called Heal Thyself. You can check it out on NBC or Hulu.

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Teresa Hui Milk

Teresa Hui in a billboard for Milk’s campaign to sponsor women running the New York Marathon. This marathon will be Teresa’s 23rd. Check out their page for Teresa and the other women marathoners milk is sponsoring.

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Hedley Harlan and the One Eighties hail No King

Hedley Harlan makes deadly decisions in the glittery and bloody music video from The One Eighties.

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Jonathan Peacy and Blackbear have The Idea

Check out this very cool music video from Blackbear. The song is called The Idea. It is incredibly catchy, fun and the video features the raw, unbridled talent that is Jonathan Peacy.

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Roosevelt Davis and Daniel George Danielson both recur on Law and Order

Law and Order is getting two recurring characters from Avenue B. Daniel George Danielson and Roosevelt Davis a both making repeat appearance on the show. Catch it Thursday’s 8PM on NBC.

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Caroline Willman goes to the City on a Hill

Caroline Willman has a major recurring as Victoria Dryden in City on a Hill. Catch this lovely, talented actress on the hit Showtime series, starring Kevin Bacon.

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Daniel George Danielson in August Wilson’s Fences

Daniel George Danielson will be taking on the August Wilson classic, Fences this fall. Very excited to see Daniel’s incredible presence with that ageless deep voice in this play. Mark your calendars and hop the Metro North up to Playhouse on Park in Connecticut for this one.

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Something’s Coming for John Toon in an American Horror Story

John Toon bringing the law to town in American Horror Story. If you didn’t catch him on FX, you still can on Hulu. The episode is Something’s Coming.

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Hedley Harlan Haunted Happenin’

If you're looking for a rocking good time with a couple of monsters thrown in, check out the anniversary screening of It's A Haunted Happenin' featuring a very young Hedley Harlan. It screens tomorrow 10/25 at 7pm at the Museum Of The Moving Image in Queens, NY!

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Richard Mark Jordan Jebus

Keep your eyes peeled in early 2023 for JEBUS, the indie comedy feature starring Richard Mark Jordan along with Wayne Diamond & Rodney Norman and directed by Coley.

Daniel Todd overrules The Vow

THE VOW is on HBO Max, be sure to listen up for the vocal talents of Daniel Todd is this intense saga of the NXIVM sex cult and the ongoing aftermath.

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Alfred Kemp fights The War of Woo

Don't miss Alfred C. Kemp in the War of Woo, the new play from Dean Haspiel, directed by Philip Cruise and starring Seth Gilliam, Samantha Simone, and Olivia Baseman. You have until October 15th to see this new, bombastic play!

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Valerie V. Johnson SVU

If you been seeing these enticing subway ads for a big Law and Order crossover event tonight and plan to attend, then look out for the lovely and talented Valerie V. Johnson.

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Abey Xashi Only Murders in the Building

It feels like a psychedelic rainbow from the 70s is shining on this fabulous still of Abey Xashi in Only Murders in the Building. If you have not seen this Steve Martin masterpiece, turn on you television immediately.

Watch Only Murders in the Building

Charlie Sloin brings back Radio plays in Inner Sanctum

Look out for Inner Sanctum wherever you get your podcasts and you will hear grizzled an intoxicating voice of Charlie Sloin. Inner Sanctum re-records old radio plays from the 20s, 30s and 40s. The first episode is called Vengeful Corpse.

Kim Berrios Lin in a major recurring in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

The new Pretty Little Liars is already getting rave reviews and Kim Berrios Lin will be there as Mouse’s (played by Lea Salonga) mom alongside Malia Pyles. Check out Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, streaming now on HBO Max!

Watch Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Abey Xashi Goes Gamer

We are sealed to secrecy on the details, but Abey Xashi will be loaning his considerable talents to the gaming world. More to come…

Nick Denning playing games on The Tonight Show

This warmed our game-obsessed little hearts. The man behind the Luigi is Nick Denning in a gag on Jimmy Fallon with guest, Melissa McCarthy.

Check out the bit

Hedley Harlan gets a double win in the Depth of Field Festival

Hedley Harlan, doing her best Picasso impression above, had a conundrum we all hope for. She beat herself out of a top slot in a screenplay festival. Mincemeat Manor finished just ahead of Listen Carefully in the Depth of Field International Film Festival.

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Kim Berrios Lin at the Prettly Little Liars Bloody Red Carpet Premier

Kim joins the star studded cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin at the Bloody Red Carpet premier of the anticipated series.

See the red carpet photos

Ryan M. Shaw ordered to Bring Him Back Dead

Catch the diabolical Ryan M. Shaw with a cast of high adrenaline lunatics, including Gary Daniels, Daniel Baldwin and Louis Mandylor in Bring Him Back Dead, directed by Mark Savage.

Watch Bring Him Back Dead

Jasmine Shanise is Unraptured

UNRAPTURED - the dramatic love-story short film produced by and starring Jasmine Shanise and directed by Calvin J. Walker - will be screening August 11th at the Alamo Drafthouse as part of the 2022 Hip Hop Film Festival. 

Check out the festival

Ryan M. Shaw joins the Lesser Dead

Ryan M. Shaw joins the blood thirsty cast of The Lesser Dead. The supernatural podcast stars Minnie Driver and is based on Christopher Buehlman’s novel of the same name. All people, living and undead, are highly encouraged to tune in.

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Paul & Valerie take to The Chambers

Check out this very timely show on the unexpected villains of today, the Supreme Court. Paul Kevins and Valerie V. Johnson shine in, The Chambers, created by Sura Kahn.

Watch The Chambers

John Toon prepares for Retribution

Poster art is out for reTribution directed by Nathan Hewitt & Brandon Ross with the high Adrenalin actor that is John Toon. Look out for this action short.

Duke Williams leads a villainous cast in Gerdaq

Very excited for Gerdáq, directed by Cliff Adams, with the unstoppable Duke Willams. An other-worldly queen, a monster of impossible proportions, what else could one need?

Eileen Weisinger says Enough is Enough

The stunning Eileen Weisinger in Meeni Hardart’s Enough is Enough. Suicide in the suburbs with a funny and uplifting twist and shot beautifully on a very pastel set like a fairytale that just woke up from a bad dream.

Kim Berrios Lin in the heartfelt short, Riverside Bench

We are loving The Riverside Bench, a film by Austin Chang, with Kim Berrios Lin. It chronicles moments in the lives of New Yorkers through a bench in Riverside Park. 

Check out Riverside Bench

Nick Denning Fight

Do you recognize this master of ceremonies ushering rage into New York’s under ground? It is the enigmatic Nick Denning in the raw and knuckle bloodying film, Fight, by Tamara Skylar Jones.

George Andreakos Dellusional

Look out for the brilliantly twisted George Andreakos in Delusional, by Anais Almonte and Joseph Ariola, starring Almonte. The story follows a perfect wife, institutionalized for her very murderous ambitions.

Richard Mark Jordan A Bellview Love Story

TONIGHT at 7pm, catch our own Richard Mark Jordan in a screening the short film "A Bellevue Love Story" as part of The Manhattan Film Festival at Cinema Village. Directed by Michael Wolfe and featuring Richard in a straightjacket.

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